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So you’re thinking “I like these” but you don’t know where you could use them? Well here are a few ideas; why not try putting our wall stickers in your hall way or reception rooms. You could even put them in you bedroom to add something a little special to your walls. We have put them in bathrooms too and in a shower, as these wall stickers are waterproof so there are no problems with getting it wet.

But before we launch into showing you some ideas we’d like to invite you to show us your ideas.


A great place to make a little statement about yourself!

Cow vinyl wall stickers Train vinyl wall stickers Leafy 07 vinyl wall stickers Flower Head vinyl wall stickers Star vinyl wall stickers Car vinyl wall stickers Balloon vinyl wall stickers Clouds vinyl wall stickers


Brighten up your morning with a bit of wall art!

Floral 01 vinyl wall stickers Flower 01 vinyl wall stickers Leafy 03 vinyl wall stickers Flower head vinyl wall stickers Leafy 02 vinyl wall stickers Underwater set vinyl wall stickers

Living Room

Create a focal point in your living room or just a touch of class.

Hall Ways

Brighten up those in-between spaces.

Circles (mixed) vinyl wall stickers Ball 01 vinyl wall stickers

Corporate Environment

Make your office space a little nicer to work in and give life to your boardroom and let your clients know who you are.

Fancy  wall stickers Flower 02 & 03 vinyl wall stickers Embelish 03 & bespoke text vinyl wall stickers Grass vinyl wall stickers

Other Ideas

Think of new ways to create a little glamour to your everyday.

Flower 03 wall stickers

All vinyls are supplied for internal use but if you wish your could try using them on your garage doors or on your shed, even on vehicles. See our ‘How To Apply’ section for further information.

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