Below are a few or our ideas for kids bedrooms, we could come up with millions but we thought we'd also show you our customer photos as they are a better selection of how to use our products. We also have simple "how to do" examples on our blog by our resident expert Becky Clarke.

Our kids wall stickers would be great for bedrooms but not only that, playrooms or nurseries. You don't need to have the usual Disney themed room, you could try a rock star theme, or faries and butterflies.

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And now for some customer ideas and real pics.

Aircraft kids wall stickers Butterflies and Flowers wall stickers butterflies flowers vinyl wall stickers Lighthouse wall stickers cars wall stickers Dinosaur wall stickers Dino Digger wall stickers Underwater wall stickers Train wall stickers Tree wall stickers Underwater wall stickers Space Rocket wall stickers


Now visit our Kids Bedroom Wall Stickers page to get started with your own bedrooms!

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