Wall Glamour

Wall Glamour

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Cowboy Wall Stickers

This wall sticker set is from another featured artist Nick East. This set contains all you need to turn a bedroom into a cowboy’s western town.

This set contains;
1 x Large Cactus (27cm wide x 40cm tall)
2 x Small Cactus (11cm wide x 14cm tall)
1 x Doors (50cm wide x 43cm tall)
1 x Saloon Sign (50cm wide x 17cm tall)
2 x Six Shooters (12cm wide x 98cm tall)
1 x Cowboy Hat (15cm wide x 15cm tall)
1 x Snake (28cm wide x 17cm tall)
1 x Beans (8cm wide x 14cm tall)
1 x Sheriff’s Star (12cm wide x 12cm tall)
2 x Cowboy Boots (12cm wide x 11cm tall)
1 x Cow Horns (18cm wide x 22cm tall)
1 x Log Fire (32cm wide x 24cm tall)

Designer Tip: Use the Saloon sign above the bedroom door and place the doors on the bedroom door the boots and snake wall stickers would be great above a shelf with some other cowboy toys on.

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