Bird Cage Wall Sticker Bird Cage Wall Sticker

The living room is more often than not the hub of the home, the family focal point and almost guaranteed to be seen by guests, so you want to put your stamp on it and make it your own. Check out these stylish ideas of how to add those finishing touches with a difference.


Add a little bit of duck to your living room

If you have a colour theme running through your living room through the cushions, curtains or even some flowers, then why not try and add a hint of it to your walls and bring out a focal point such as the mantle piece. These Flying ducks tick all of those boxes with elegance.

Humming Birds in your lounge

Do you have a big wall space , not covered in furniture and not sure how to fill it? These large trees are a great way to bring the magic of nature into your home. You could even have them growing up from behind pieces of furniture to blend them together. It's a fanctastic way of creating a focal point and even to make conversation, that doesn't revolve around the television.

Wall Tattoos

Another great idea of bringing focus to something on your wall, without totally overpowering are these tattoo rose wall stickers. Position them around one corner of a photo frame or even around the television, to subtly draw the attention.

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